When Getting Up and Sitting Down Becomes More Difficult: Tips for Helping Your Senior

When Getting Up and Sitting Down Becomes More Difficult: Tips for Helping Your Senior

Mobility issues can make simple transitions arduous. Here are some safe solutions

When folks are younger, it’s not uncommon to take the simplest things in life for granted. But as people age, many of the everyday tasks that they never gave a second thought can become challenging or nearly impossible. For many seniors, the ability to stand up easily can be arduous and painful, which makes life more difficult. Mobility issues are not only disheartening; they can be dangerous because of the risk of falling.

If your loved one is struggling when trying to stand up or is showing signs of balance issues, the good news is that there are numerous products designed to assist them. While you may be familiar with some of these items, choosing the appropriate one can be confusing, especially if you’ve never had to purchase anything like this before.

To help, we put together this guide that showcases some of the commonly-used products to assist your senior in standing up, sitting down, or moving from one spot in the house to another. Take a look:

A Security Pole

A security pole is a great option for providing support when standing from a seated position, featuring a padded grip that’s made of a non-slip material to ensure users don’t lose their balance. Because it’s designed to withstand up to 300 pounds, most seniors can put all their weight on it without worry. Another great feature of the pole is that it can be moved from room to room and fits in tight spaces, including between the bathtub and the toilet, next to the sofa, or by the bed. It installs easily between the floor and the ceiling, but can also be permanently installed in any room in the house using included screws.

Grab Bar

For a permanent solution in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room, the curved grab bar is an ideal choice. It’s designed to support your loved one when they need it, assisting in them in getting from a sitting position to a standing one with little physical effort. It features four hand grips at four different heights, and has the ability to pivot and lock in place every 45 degrees, making it adaptable to anyone’s height and needs. When it’s not in use, the grab bar can be locked flat against the wall, which saves space, and its horizontal bar adds extra support and stability.

Stable Bed Rail

This versatile bed rail makes sure your loved one is safe when they are in bed and offers them assistance when they need to get up. It features two non-slip legs that securely plant on the floor, providing support and stability, and it has four convenient storage pockets. The legs are extendable and the height is adjustable, so this bed rail works for any bed and is quickly installed without tools.

Independence Bed Table

For those who need a little help getting out of bed, this handy bed table also offers support, plus a swivel tray that rotates 360 degrees. Its large surface is big enough to accommodate a laptop, books, food, and beverages, and it pivots easily out of the way when your loved one isn’t using it. An added feature, the organizer pouch, is perfect for storing glasses, remote controls, and other items.

Trapeze with Base and Wheels

If your senior is faced with immobility, the Trapeze is an ideal aid. It is designed to help larger individuals move from the bed to a chair or to simply change positions easily in bed. It’s heavy duty construction can accommodate up to 1000 pounds, and the overhead boom swivels 180 degrees, making it easily adaptable to your loved one’s needs.

Premium Toilet Seat Riser

To assist individuals who are having trouble standing back up after using the restroom, the Premium Seat Riser is a comfortable solution. It fits onto a standard toilet and has removable arms that are designed to provide added support, complete with rubberized grips to ensure no slipping while changing position. In addition, a toilet safety rail offers a stable handhold for getting up or sitting down, and it’s available in both mounted versions or a free-standing unit that requires no special installation.