Medication Management: Is an Organizer, Dispenser, or Monitor Best for Your Senior

Medication Management: Is an Organizer, Dispenser, or Monitor Best for Your Senior on

These solutions can help your senior manage medication and maintain their independence

Staying independent is one of the biggest concerns that seniors face. Having the ability to remain in their own home and to take care of themselves seems like a pretty reasonable goal. And with the advent of today’s wide array of products designed to make life easier and safe for your loved one, even those who have medical conditions or mobility challenges are often able to safely age in place.

That being said, medication management is a huge concern for those in need of multiple prescriptions and supplements each day. Remembering which to take and when, as well as maintaining proper dosages, can be quite tricky. However, there are several options of available that will aid in keeping them safe and on track.

Pill dispensers

As you can imagine, there are numerous types of pill dispensers on the market today, including those that give your loved one an alert when it’s time to take a medication. The alert can be an audio tone like a beep or visual alert such as a flashing light. Some products provide all of types of alerts and repeat them in 30-minute intervals until the person takes the medication and resets the signal timer.

Other products, like the locked dispenser, are designed for those who may be in danger of taking the wrong meds at the wrong time. On this one, each compartment is locked and will only open when it is time for that medication to be taken. Depending on your senior’s personality and medical challenges, there are numerous options and customizations for pill dispensers.

Medication organizers

Simple and easy to use, pill organizers are simply containers that hold the medicines for each day in compartments marked with the days of the week. Your loved one, their caregiver, or a family member can set up the medications for the week by placing the pills for each day into their specific compartment. This allows your loved one to see what they have or have not taken. For seniors who aren’t suffering with dementia or any other memory disorder, an organizer can be very helpful. The only drawback is that is doesn’t send reminders if the pills are forgotten to be taken.

Monitored medication dispensers

A monitored medication dispenser will send a series of alerts when it’s time for your medication to be taken, but it will take it one step further by calling, emailing, or texting your senior’s caregiver when a dose is missed. The dispenser also ensures that the wrong meds aren’t taken at the wrong times, because only the right medication is automatically dispensed at the specified time.

Whether your loved one is living all on their own, or receiving some assistance from a family member or home aide, ensuring that he or she is taking the right doses at the right times is key to keeping them safe and healthy. These products are designed to provide an easier and more efficient way of managing medications and to provide an added peace of mind that your senior is not missing any of their prescribed treatments.

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