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Cellular Medical Alert with Fall Detection



The cellular medical alert with fall detection is the same unit as our regular cellular medical alert, but has an automatic fall detection pendant. The fall detection penchant is an additional safeguard for you and is designed for situations when you fall and are unable to push the help button. This medical alert system includes a fall detection penchant with a manual help button which is worn around your neck, a receiver with a speakerphone connected a cellular tower, and a 24/7 response center.

In the case of a fall or if you push the help button, a radio signal is sent to the receiver. The receiver dials the 24/7 response center who talks to you, determines the nature of your emergency and responds accordingly. If you are unable to respond, they will try calling your home phone. If they can’t reach you through the receiver or phone, they will dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel. The fall detection pendant can cause a false alarm if you sit or stand too fast or hit it on a table or other hard surface.

The 24/7 response center will stay connected to your receiver’s speakerphone until the emergency personal determine what action is going to be taken. The 24/7 response center will then notify your emergency contact list.

Medical Alerts can be used for medical emergencies, you smell smoke or gas, a potential intruder, or you just need someone to call or visit.