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e-pill MedTime Station


Never Forget or Double Dose Again with the e-pill MedTime STATION!

The e-pill MedTime Station comes with everything you need; automatic pill dispenser, lock, keys (2), tipper with handle, stainless steel medicine dispensing cup, batteries (4 X AA), four “sticky feet” to secure your e-pill MedTime Station and manual.

٭ Battery life 6 months.

٭ For home or institutional use

٭ Easy to use pill dispense

e-pill MedTime Station Pill Dispenser is Easy to Use for all patients. Also works well for the dexterity challenged patient, patients with medication induced tremors or vision impaired (blind) patients.

e-pill MedTime STATION (US Patent 9,198,834 & 9,539,177) is an Easy to Use Locked Medication Pill Box System that automatically puts the patient’s medicine in a Dispensing Cup.

How-It-Works: Alarms and Dispense up to Six (6) times per Day. Works similar to a Kettle Tipper / Tea Tipping device. Great for patients with medication-induced tremors, or limited dexterity. When the alarm is sounding / light is flashing, simply move the blue handle forward to dispense medications into the medicine cup. Pills drop into the medicine cup (re-usable stainless steel dispensing cup is included) when the handle is moved forward. The alarm/blinking light is automatically turned off.

Alarm Duration: up to 30 minutes

Securing Dispenser: The e-pill Station has sticky feet (or can be screwed down to a tabletop)

Pill Capacity: Each compartment hold up to 18 Aspirin-sized tablets per dose.

Program Up to Six Daily Alarms.  Holds 28 Medication Events.

Dispensing schedule:

  • 1 medication time per day – refill tray every 28 days (4 weeks)
  • 2 medication times per day – refill tray every 14 days (2 weeks)
  • 3 medication times per day – refill tray every 9 days
  • 4 medication times per day – refill tray every 7 days (refill once per week)
  • 5 medication times per day – refill tray every 5 days
  • 6 medication times per day – refill tray every 4 days