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MedReady Medication Dispenser – Non Monitored


The MedReady Automatic Medication Dispenser is a standalone, easy to program, lockable, timed-alarm system that provides scheduled medication dosages automatically. The Medication Dispenser rotates and, at the pre-set time, the alarm rings and a door can be opened to access the appropriate medications. The MedReady medication dispenser is available with the alarm alone, or with an alarm and flashing light option for hearing-impaired users.


Only the most recent medication dose is available. Pill tray rotates to the next dose when the next audible alarm sounds. If a patient misses a dose, the pill dispenser denies access to the missed dose.

“Time for medicine” alarm beeps 5 seconds on, 1 second off continuously until the medication door is slid open and the “off” position is activated.

Dispenses up to 4 times per day and holds 28 doses of dry medication such as pills or capsules (4 doses a day for 7 days, 3 doses a day for 9 days, 2 doses a day for 14 days, and 1 dose a day for 28 days).

Programmable alarm sounds for 3, 10, 20, 30 minutes, up to 250 minutes, as user selects, and can chirp each minute thereafter until the dose is taken or the next one is available.

Powerful, 90dB, 400Hz. audible alarm is designed for maximum effectiveness.

Alarm in pill dispenser is as easy to set as a digital clock.

Medication is under lock and key, and is tamper resistant.

Pill compartments are “ramped” for easy removal and can fit up to 9 regular M&M’s

Compartment divisions keep medications in place even if the unit is turned upside-down.

The MedReady should remain plugged into electric power, although there is a 48 hour rechargeable battery back-up for travel or power failures. MedReady should not be used in wet or very damp environments.

“Early dosage” feature allows removal of medication prior to scheduled times.

Kit Includes:  MedReady medication dispenser, AC adapter, Rechargeable battery, Medication tray, Blue locking lid