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The SmartWatch is designed to provide peace of mind for families dealing with epilepsy and enhance the safety of people prone to seizures. It also provides a level of autonomy and independence that was not possible before.

The SmartWatch® is a non-invasive movement detection and alerting monitor. The watch looks for repetitive shaking motion – upon the onset of such motion, the SmartWatch sends information to your phone via Bluetooth. Almost immediately the phone then sends out alert notifications that abnormal motions have been detected to whomever you’ve selected as an alert recipient. (If you have the gold model, the GPS location is included in the text alert). The SmartWatch is lightweight and water resistant to 30M.

The Silver and the Gold plans both offer motion detection, instant alerts, a “Get Help” button, and event recording with secure access. With the Silver plan, the phone will alert one contact. The Gold plan allows a wearer to have up to ten people receive a text message alert, and one primary contact will receive a phone call. The Gold plan also has GPS location of the individual in the text of the alert, medication reminders, and a snooze option where the wearer can pause the movement monitoring.

The Smart Monitor app can run on iOS  (iPhone 5S and later models running iOS v8.0 and above) or Android (Android 4.4 or above). The alerts can go to any phone, anywhere.


The SmartWatch supports the following features:

1. Alerts go out within seconds after detecting patterns of abnormal motion. Alerts are sent as (i) text messages which include the GPS location of the wearer of the SmartWatch (ii) phone calls

2. The user can Cancel any alerts that are inadvertently generated

3. The SmartWatch also has an Emergency button that can be pushed by the user upon any kind of emergency. Emergency alerts go to the designated family members or caregivers.

4. Users can program reminders such as medications, appointments etc. Notifications about these events are sent directly to the SmartWatch, making it very easy for the user to respond and take the necessary action.

5. The system can be set to automatically record audio upon the onset of acute episodes, for later review.

6. The SmartWatch captures patterns of the abnormal movements and provides a graphical visualization of these patterns. It also captures and duration of the shaking motion and the severity. All of this data is available for later analysis and review.

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