When Your Senior Wanders: Solutions to Keep Them Safe

When Your Senior Wanders: Solutions to Keep Them Safe on shopcaringsolutions.com

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When a senior loved one begins to wander, it’s alarming. And unfortunately, this behavior is common among elderly who are suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Unfortunately, ceasing the behavior is not always possible and can be difficult to constantly monitor. However, the main concern of family members should be to ensure that if their loved one does wander, that they stay safe can be located before getting lost. When dealing with wandering, these are some of the most helpful insights and solutions:

GPS Trackers

There are numerous options when it comes to GPS tracking devices. The goal of these gadgets is to ensure that your loved one will be located as quickly as possible if they should stray from their expected location. With trackers, you have the option of going with a product that your family member wears or carries. There are watches, bracelets, necklaces, and even shoe inserts. These devices come with various features, including the ability to text or email preprogrammed addresses affiliated with the person/device as soon as the senior moves outside a predetermined area. Some trackers even display a map if the individual is on the move, and how far they are from your current location.

Radio Frequency LOCATORS

Similar to a GPS tracker, your loved one would wear a special bracelet that can be traced by radio frequency if he or she goes missing. When you or another family member reports your senior lost, the provider sends out a signal that allows them to track down their location.


Having an alarm installed that will sound or send an alert when doors are opened is an option that many family members choose to utilize. As with the other devices, there are several different alarms available, including silent alarms that send a signal to a preprogrammed number or emergency personnel as well as audible alarms that alert caregivers or family members of the door being opened.

Door murals

Although there’s no technology involved, this innovative solution can help prevent a senior from wandering. Door murals won’t track your loved one or alert you of their movement, but their presence can act as a deterrent for wandering.

The mural itself, which affixes easily to a door, disguises the exit and create the illusion that there is a bookcase or other objects on that surface. Thus, the senior doesn’t view the area as an opportunity to leave and won’t attempt to exit.

Wandering among the elderly is distressing and increasing as generations are living longer and longer. To protect your loved one, it’s critical to be proactive about the situation and implement safety solutions right away. For more information on ways you can help your family member, be sure to check our blog often and talk to us about our wandering prevention devices.