Why Seniors Should Schedule an Annual Review of Their Medications

Why Seniors Should Schedule an Annual Review of Their Medications on shopcaringsolutions.com

There’s great importance for annual doctor’s visits and reviews

Getting older is a fact of life. As much as many of us dream of a fountain of youth that will keep us young and healthy forever, the reality is that it doesn’t exists and we must ensure that we take care of ourselves as we age. Moreover, we must also place a great emphasis on ensuring that our parents and loved ones are also able to age both comfortably and safely.

Growing up, your parents likely brought you to your pediatrician each year for a check up. As we get older, some of us get out of that habit—and it’s not a good habit to break. Sure, much of the time, your body does what it’s supposed to and not going to the doctor isn’t the end of the world. Other times, that isn’t the case—and this becomes especially more likely as you get older. Now consider this case in terms of your parents and older loved ones. If they may not be able to realize when something is off kilter, how will you be able to detect possible ailments and areas that could benefit from diagnosis, treatment, and proper medication?

The truth is, sometimes you just aren’t able to. And even if your senior is already on an ample medication regimen, it’s important to schedule annual medication reviews (at the minimum) to ensure that everything is working effectively and is still necessary.

An annual medication review allows your loved one’s physician to identify and correct possible common, medication-related issues. It’s an important safety measure that helps you and your senior get the maximum benefits from their medication while safeguarding their health.

Is everything working as expected?

It is very possible for a medication to become either ineffective or weakened over time. A medication review helps both you and your loved one understand the strengths, effects, possible adverse reactions, and proper use of each medicine; even if it is one that your loved one has been prescribed for a decent amount of time.

Your senior’s physician will be able to provide a medication list that is accurate, complete, and personalized. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your loved one is prescribed accurate and effective medications in order to age safely and comfortably at home.

Reviewing doses

Over time, proper dosage rates have the possibility of changing depending on your senior’s unique needs. A doctor or physician has the ability to review all dosages and regimens, and may decide to alter the frequency of medication intake for optimization.

However, changing the dosage of multiple prescriptions can be confusing and, at times, hard to manage. In order to ensure that your senior is able to follow a new schedule, a medication dispenser such as the Medready Medication Dispenser from Caring Solutions LLC can offer great support. The dispenser features a lockable, timed-alarm system that provides scheduled medication dosages automatically. That way, you can rest assured knowing that a new medication schedule is monitored and only available (and unlocked) at the proper time.

General changes in overall health

Your loved one’s symptoms may have improved, new, more comprehensive medications may have been developed, and generally, it’s just a good idea to make sure you, your senior, and the doctor are still on the same page with medication management. Whatever the case, you’re only going to know with the advice of a doctor.

At least annually, if not more often, it’s important to schedule a medication review for your senior. As we have touched upon, the benefits of a medication check-up and update are vast, and the accelerated assurance will better allow for your senior to live a more comfortable, safe, and healthy life at home.

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