Top 3 Medical Alert Apps for Smartphones

Top 3 Medical Alert Apps for Smartphones on

Help might be just a click away—and that can make all the difference

Senior citizen care can be tricky business for a lot of reasons. From dementia to diabetes, there are endless health concerns and hindrances that can put the elderly at risk when they are alone, driving, or at their home. And as a loved one and/or caregiver, you can only do so much to ensure that the seniors you care for are safe when you’re not around.

For family members, friends, and medical professionals alike, medical alert apps have helped aid a huge sigh of relief. While they aren’t guaranteed to prevent any injuries or emergencies as a whole, they do allow the elderly to obtain the medical attention they need within a timely manner. And that means they’re going to be treated sooner than they would if they weren’t connected to the useful and life-saving app.

But it’s 2016, and the app business is booming right now. In other words, there are endless apps that are designed to assist the elderly in times of need or medical emergencies. We’ve analyzed some of our favorite ones, and have narrowed their down various features—here are the ones we find most helpful and why:

1. ManDown

Just like the name implies, this app is designed to help when an emergency (especially a fall) occurs. When setting up the app, users create an emergency contact list. Then, if an emergency occurs, the app sends a rescue notification and GPS location to those selected contacts. The fall detection activates after it believes a fall has occurred. Immediately following that fall, the app continuously checks the position of the user, sending out a distress call if they don’t make any movements within one minute. This could potentially be lifesaving, consider some elderly people might lose consciousness when they fall (or they might fall because they’ve lost consciousness), in which case they would not have the ability to press the traditional alert button device.

2. Medical ID Emergency

The joys of technology have brought along another excellent app that is useful for seniors who have lost a little bit of their mobility or ability to care for themselves without assistance.

This app allows first responders direct access to a senior’s medical history during an emergency. Just like the previous version of this app included on the iPhone, you’re able to create a medical profile that shares your allergies, current medications, conditions you suffer from, and more—and it shows up on the screen of your phone, even when it’s locked. Once a senior has a fall or other emergency and they press their alert button, EMTs will be able to access their already-set medical history.

3. Tracker Assist

One of the scariest parts about being in an emergency and struggling with memory loss is that a senior citizen might not always know exactly where they are or what they’re doing there. If an emergency comes up and they’re in need of help, there’s no way to ensure they’ll offer the right location to be reached at—and that’s where Tracker Assist comes in.

Its GPS tracking is a life saver for the senior who gets a flat or starts to wander off in the grocery store. A custom SOS message is sent to selected contacts with a map and directions to their current location, meaning help is finally just around the corner.

This app is much like out Freedom Wandering Prevention device, which gives caregivers and loved ones peace of mind by setting movable safe zones inside or outdoors using the portable receiver. If these safe zones are crossed, the Freedom watch sets off an alarm, and sends the wander’s current location by email and/or text message directly to the caregiver or a call station.

Getting the elderly back on their feet with the help of technology

Falling isn’t fun for anyone regardless of age, but it can be especially dangerous for older folks, who often lack the strength to regain their upright posture, and whose bodies require longer healing time. Whether your senior is healthfully aging in place at home, or they’re battling an illness associated with aging, we’re here to make sure you’re fully equipped with everything you need as you care for them. Don’t let a lack of preparation or a lack of tools prevent you from delivering the best care for your senior.

Caring Solutions provides medical alert devices, medication dispensers, and related products for the purpose of providing extended care and peace of mind for the adult children and caregivers of the elderly. Along with helpful Smartphone applications like the ones we’ve just touched upon, our service help to ensure the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of both you and your loved one!

Browse our wide selection of medical alert devices, along with our other products today. And please reach out with any questions—we’d love to hear from you!